Timesheet software – Employee advantages

Recently, you may have heard numerous business experts talking about how using timesheet software, and time tracking in general, can be hugely beneficial for business owners. While it is indeed true that using time tracking software can help business owners in numerous ways, it isn’t just the business, and the owners themselves, who benefit. In actual fact, time tracking software can be hugely beneficial for employees as well, yet for some reason, this aspect of the software is often overlooked. Some people regard timesheet software as if it is implemented in order for business owners to spy on their staff members and make sure they aren’t slacking off, or fiddling their hours. This however, is a complete myth as the software is simply there to make life easier for all parties, and to ensure that the business functions more efficiently. Rather than focussing on the numerous ways in which business owners can benefit from time tracking, we’ll instead be taking a look at things from a different perspective, as we look at how employees can benefit from timesheet reporting and tracking software instead. Take a look at the following, and you’ll realize that time tracking benefits pretty much everybody in a business environment.

Potential to get a raise

Let’s face it, with the economy as it is, sadly, it’s rare that employees are able to get a raise, and if they do, it is usually only very small. In order to get a pay raise however, you need to show your boss/bosses how valuable you are to their business and how you can help them make even more money. Obviously your boss will get a general idea of how good you are once they get to know you and see you at work, but they never get the whole story. With time tracking software however, you can actually use this to your advantage as you can use the software to help you get an increase in your pay. You see, timesheet reporting software breaks everything down in black and white, so you can see which projects have been completed, how many hours have been spent on each one, and how you are progressing with other activities. It also shows you when deadlines have been met, and whether you’re on, ahead of, or behind schedule. If your sheets show that you easily are able to meet deadlines, and stay ahead of schedule while managing your time very effectively, this shows just how capable you are as a worker. When you boss evaluates your sheets, they get to see just how valuable you are in black and white, and so you can potentially use this when negotiating a pay rise. When your boss sees how hard you work, how punctual you are, and how much revenue you and your projects have created for their company, they are far more likely to offer you an increase in salary.

Timesheet and time management

Let’s face it, some of us are simply not as organized as others, and if you’re one of those people who struggles to manage your time, timesheet reporting software could potentially help you. You see, some people just try to juggle too many jobs at once, and by doing so, they overburden themselves and find themselves working harder than they need to. This is because non-essential tasks can sometimes take precedence over more important tasks, which means deadlines can creep up, which is not practical for anybody. With time tracking however, employees get to organize their schedules and track and manage different projects at different times. Rather than wasting several hours per week on jobs that should ideally wait until important tasks have been finished, employees can instead prioritize the most important jobs first, and better manage their time. This not only helps win them favor with the higher ups, it also takes some of the burden off them and allows them to focus on the tasks at hand.

Insight into company spending

Although technically you could argue that this would benefit business owners more than employees, employees would still benefit hugely from this, and here’s why. You see, with time tracking software, as you can see exactly how much time is being spent on each project, and which projects are running and at which times, it helps to provide an insight into how much manpower is being used up. If for example, you have two employees working on one project that truthfully only needs one person, the additional individual could be used elsewhere in a more cost-effective manner. Timesheet software also provides an insight into company spending, which can help to bring down unnecessary spending. If a business owner is able to save money by not spending unnecessary money, everybody benefits. This is because the more money the company is saving, the more effectively it will run and the more likely employees will be to receive a raise and/or rewards.

Receive help when required

One of the worst feelings in the world is stress, and sadly many people in the business world will often experience feelings of stress because they simply have too much work to do. It is not uncommon for one person to be doing the work of two, maybe even three people due to various reasons, which obviously makes the job hard and causes stress. Often it is not down to the managers being manipulative or trying to flex their authoritative muscles, it is simply because they don’t realize that their employees are having to work so hard. If you are working on a project alone, that truthfully requires more manpower, with timesheet reporting you can go to your boss, explain the situation, and show them via your time sheets, why it is that you need the assistance. You can use this data to request additional manpower and to prove that you aren’t being unreasonable, or lazy, by asking for help.

Provide accurate estimates

If you are working on a project and your boss asks for an estimate for completion, if you were to go ahead and give them an inaccurate estimate, there would be a very high risk of you missing a deadline. This would not reflect well on the company, and it would certainly not reflect well on you either. If your boss had to explain to an important client that their work would be late due to a mix-up in regards to timing, well, this would likely result in the client looking elsewhere for future work. With time tracking software however, you get an idea of how long each project will take because you get to see how your time is being managed, and how long previous tasks took. If you have a project that is very similar to numerous ones you have completed before, when your boss asks for an estimated delivery date, you can simply look at how long it took you to complete the previous projects, and use this data to provide an accurate estimate. The more clued up and in the know everybody is, the more likely everybody will be to be on the same page, which means the business works more effectively.

Manage your personal time

Timesheet reporting software is not only beneficial for you when at work, it is also beneficial for you when you’re on your own time as well. If for example, you are owed X amounts of personal days, but aren’t sure exactly how many, rather than guessing, making plans, and hoping your boss will grant you the time off, you can be certain. If you want 3 days off during the week, yet you only have 2 days left, if you asked your boss for 3, they would likely explain that you are only owed 2. Obviously if you didn’t know this, you would likely get upset, and the following would not be constructive in the slightest. With timesheet reporting however, everybody knows where they stand, and therefore any discrepancies regarding days owed, or time off, will simply not become an issue.

It improves morale

If you’ve ever worked at a job where morale was low, the entire working environment would be stressful, depressing, and just downright awful and full of negativity. Needless to say, employee motivation would be at rock bottom, and as a result, the business would suffer and potentially go under. With timesheet reporting software however, the exact opposite is likely to occur. People will know exactly where they stand, they will get help when required, deadlines will be met, schedules will be managed, workloads will be eased, and the business will rake in more money, and everybody will be much happier.

The higher morale is, the more effective other employees will become, and the more successful the business will become. Basically, everybody wins.

What to do now

So, you know that a timesheet solution is needed, but which to choose? TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to track time based on your calendar appointments and is extremely user-friendly and at the same time accurate.

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